Myy yritys

for sale

Company sale is a complex
process, which contains
several stages. Proper planning
is the cornerstone of corporate
sale. An experienced expert plays
a key role in corporate
sale process.

Company sale

Prior  company sale kicks off we consider the most important factors and thereafter execute the sale with confidentiality and expertise according to turnkey  principle. We assist you for example in the following steps of the sale:

Sale assignment

Corporate sales first step is to accomplish sale assignment. Assignment can be signed after essential factors like subject of the trade (business operations or shares), valuation, legal and tax issues etc. have been discussed and agreed with the seller.

Company sale, and valuation

The price of a company is affected by many factors that cannot be evaluated by simply looking at the numbers.  We offer you solid professional skills and years of market knowledge from various industries in the valuation process of your company.

Company sale, and tax planning

From business owner’s perspective the sale of the company is the last possible moment for tax planning.

Company sale, and finding the buyer

Suomen Yritysmyynti Oy’s nationwide conspicuousness and network offers you precisely right target group to find a buyer. Hundreds of private persons, companies and investors are seeking companies to purchase in various business lines via us all over Finland. 

By selling your business you can fulfil  someone’s dream and at the same time you own’s and start to do something you have always desired to do. Let’s plan your corporate sale together and ensure that  it willl be one of the highlights of your life.

If you looking into selling your business, don’t hesitate to contact us!