Financing of corporate acquisition


Financing is the
cornerstone of successful
corporate acquisition.

Corporate acquisition and financing

Successful corporate acquisition is always a result of careful financial planning. Proper financial planning, requires careful review of corporation’s business profile, profitability, and assets. A buyers finances are naturally a key part of the process as a whole. The required financial investment amount or collateral, depends on the target company and its enterprise value but the right financial plan, plays a major role. Usually corporate acquisitions are financed by banks and Finnvera. In addition there are also different types of financiers and investors to be utilised. We have a deep understanding of the Finnish finance field and therefore we can utilize our extensive network of venture capital companies, ‘family offices’ and private investors.

Borrowed capital of equity

There are different options available for financing a business. Evaluating and setting up the right capital structure is the key element for successful acquisition or execution of the growth strategy. From a financiers’ point of view, prudent evaluation and risk mitigation, is the cornerstone for approving financing. With sound financial skills and extensive experience with a large number of business deals, we can offer the skills and resources that will lead to positive a financing outcome.

Entrepreneurs are multi skilled

As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to know how to do it all. Financial planning and capital structure optimization are recommended to be carried out by a skilled professional. Successful financing strategy is one of the most important components in securing a successful corporate acquisition and growth strategy.

That’s why our experienced professionals are ready to assist you in all finance related issues. Our expert team are ready to serve our clients by aiding with preparing, negotiating and securing their financing.