Release 26.3.2021: Finlandia business (Suomen Yritysmyynti Oy) and Swedish Ekstam & Partners for strategic cooperation

Finlandia Business and Ekstran & Partners logos in picture

Finlandia Business (Suomen Yritysmyynti Oy) is pleased to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Ekstam & Partners, one of Sweden's leading expert companies in corporate ownership arrangements and business brokerage. Ekstam & Partners has a history of more than 120 years in business brokerage, and in addition to Sweden, the area of operation also covers other Nordic countries.

- We are very excited about this partnership. For some time now, we have had customers who are interested in expanding into the Swedish market. With the help of this partnership, we can finally help them with their goals, says Jarmo Pakarinen, CEO of Finlandia Business (Suomen Yritysmyynti Oy).

- Sweden is a natural geographical area for the expansion of Finnish companies. The close relations between our countries, together with a similar business environment, facilitate business expansion. Finnish companies very often see Sweden as the first potential export and expansion destination and an excellent and safe investment location.

- Cooperation with Ekstam & Partners offers us an excellent opportunity to serve Finnish companies and investors through its strategic expansion into Sweden. At the same time, through this partnership, we welcome Swedish companies and investors to the Finnish market. We believe that with our comprehensive network, we can significantly help Swedish companies and investors to find attractive Finnish companies, says Pakarinen.

- We are very excited about the strategic partnership with Finlandia Business (Suomen Yritysmyynti Oy). Finlandia Business (Suomen Yritysmyynti Oy) operates nationwide and has offices in different parts of Finland. For our current and future customers, this means that the number of potential buyers will increase. In addition, Swedish investors and companies seeking expansion now have access to an extensive network of corporate brokerage services in Finland, says Mats Sjölin, CEO of Ekstam & Partners.

More information:

Finlandia Business (Suomen Yritysmyynti Oy)
Jarmo Pakarinen, CEO
+ 358-50 5015021

Ekstam & Partners
Mats Sjölin, SEO
+ 46-70-335 66 63