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growth company?
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are you looking for
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Our numerous investor customers are looking for attractive buyout and investment opportunities to develop, finance and create enterprise value. If you want to be part of this process, join our investor registry. By filling out a short questionnaire and presenting your contact information, you help us to discover the right investment opportunity for your needs.


Have you accumulated your professional expertise as an employee and now dream of using your skills as an entrepreneur? Or do you want to participate in significant business activities without carrying the full financial risk? We wish to offer you the opportunity to participate in business as a minor shareholder, partner, or entrepreneur. Join our expert registry. By filling out a short questionnaire, providing your CV and contact information, you help us to uncover the right project for you.

Growth companies and corporate arrangements

Do you need additional capital, resources, or partnerships for your successful growth company? Does your enterprise growth require corporate acquisition or ownership arrangements? Through our network you can find an investor or partner fulfilling your requirements. Contact us and we will help you find the right steps to grow or expand your company.