Our services

We can help You with
all the matters related to the
purchase and sale
of the company

Company valuation

The price of a company is affected by many factors that cannot be evaluated by simply looking at the numbers. We offer you solid professional skills and years of market knowledge from various industries in the valuation process of your company. We use a financial management analysis program to support the valuation, which provides a strong computational basis for reliable analysis and valuation.


Acquisitions and consolidation projects are a way to enhance business operations, gain larger market shares or increase operations regionally or nationally. Creating and merging business entities through acquisitions is often the fastest way to grow. We always offer tailored acquisition services for your specific needs.

Tax planning

An entrepreneur is often busy and doesn’t always have time to think about the company’s tax planning. Corporate tax planning should always be contrived well before the sale of the company, so it is never too early to start. We offer expert tax planning related to all details of acquisitions.

Preparation of contracts and deeds of sale

The acquisition deed and agreements are the backbone of a good acquisition. These documents and agreements always require e.g. expertise in company law and tax law. We handle our client's acquisition contract law reliably. Our attorney services support our clients during the acquisition process to provide reliable and secure documentation.

Business consulting

In addition to acquisitions, we provide consulting services for business development projects, such as working capital management and various restructuring and refinancing situations.